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Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Quorn vegan  fillets Mycoprotein

What is Mycoprotein and is it a good source of nutrients?

Mycoprotein is made from the mushroom kingdom, it is sold in supermarkets under the Quorn brand, they have a good range of vegan meat alternatives, chicken, fish, ham, pepperoni & kebab meats.

In studies Mycoprotein products has shown to be a good source of protein it contains all the amino acids we need to make protein, is high in fibre and low in saturated fat. It also have a much lower carbon footprint than animal products.

Indeed the only down side to these products is they have more salt content then fresh animal products (that's not including processed animal products which can be high in salt like sausages, bacon, ham, burgers etc ) try not to use additional salt when cooking these products and flavour with spices instead.

Remember to follow the manufactures cooking instructions, as alternative meat products don't contain saturated fats and so don't cook exactly the same as animal products.

Also watch out as not all Quorn products are vegan some contain milk & egg but their vegan range is clearly labelled.

Conclusion: are Mycoprotein products a good source of plant protein? Yes

Would I recommend them along side a Whole Food Plant Based diet? yes

Quorn vegan fishless fingers


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